Arne Espejel

Arne Espejel returns! After practicing and assisting, once more R. Sharath Jois in the main Shala in Mysore and teaching in Tokyo, Manilla and Switzerland, Arne is brimming over and ready to share all that he has learned and tested to be true. Get a taste of what it is to practice in Mysore, India through Arne. For those that have practiced with Arne, you already know his kindness, simplicity, humbleness as well as his thorough knowledge and experience in teaching practitioners of all levels. For those new to Arne, he is here long enough to teach a complete beginner or provide the added push to a standstill practice. Looking so much to share this special event with you!
Arne Espejel, Authorized Level 2 Teacher in the tradition of Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois.
Arne discovered Ashtanga Yoga in 2003. Five years later, he travelled to Mysore, India to practice and pay his respects to Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. Since then, he has gone back yearly to Mysore for further studies with R. Sharath Jois and Saraswathi Jois, the grandson and daughter of Guruji. Arne is now learning Advanced A series under their direct guidance.
In 2010, Arne received the blessings of the Jois family and was authorized to teach both the Primary and the full Intermediate Series. Being one of the select few to receive this privilege, Arne would like to teach and help his students develop a Self-Practice. It is his firm belief that Self-Practice is a great beginning to help each individual on their journey towards the knowledge of oneself.
 Arne has developed Mysore programs and teaches regularly in South East Asia, in places such as the Philippines, Indonesia,    Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam.
 He recently started to teach ongoing programs in Switzerland and Spain in Europe, and in the Middle East, in Beirut, Lebanon, Whenever is possible he does the same in his home town, when he visits his family in Mexico City.



Serve. Love. Give. This is Esther’s life mantra.

With humble beginnings as a Jivamukti teacher at the former Jivamukti Yoga School in New York City, Esther currently teaches at various Jivamukti Yoga Schools and affiliate studios in Los Angeles, Paris, and Beirut. When she’s not teaching you can find her volunteering as an HIV/AIDS counselor, providing Reiki as a hospice volunteer, or producing skateboard plays around the globe, most recently in Palestine.

Esther’s experience as a practitioner and karma yogi informs her vision for students taking her class; one in which she desires to connect with others on their own path to a more compassionate, more mindful relationship to their community, to the natural world, and to themselves.

Esther is deeply grateful for the teachings of yoga and the guidance of her teachers Rima Rabbath, Sharon Gannon, and Deepak Chopra.





With over 7 years of teaching experience, Maria strives to provide a safe and playful environment in her classes, allowing people to explore the practice with compassion and non-judgment. Infused with positive energy, full engagement with every student, and a dedication to the practice itself, Maria’s classes are challenging, always filled with valuable instruction and insight. She integrates ancient wisdom, modern life, and a lot of humor into every class, and everyone, with no exception, is welcome. She continues to study and learn as often as she can, and is grateful for all her teachers, especially Jules Febre. Maria is also a health coach, helping people design a lifestyle focused on health and wellbeing. Drawing from her own personal and professional experiences across careers and countries, she is always inspired to serve and be of benefit to everyone she encounters. She lives in Beirut with her two cats and dog.





“A Woman In Process”, Dalal Harb is an accumulation of experiences and states that led her to be the human she is today: a yoga teacher, a journalist, and a fervent wellness advocate.

Born to the mountains of Tannourine, Dalal graduated as a communicator and worked as such for the past 12 years in Lebanon and abroad. Her passion towards yoga led her to become a yoga teacher after receiving her training at the Bikram Yoga College of India in San Diego, USA, in 2009.

Lebanon, Dubai and Paris welcomed her classes eagerly until she realized that her body, mind and soul needed to regain zeal and knowledge. She enrolled in for the 4‐month course of Yogic Studies at the Bihar Yoga School in India. Back to Lebanon, to her inner roots, Dalal becomes a member of The Syndicate of the Yoga Teachers inLebanon (syt‐ and founds the Beirut Yoga Festival (, in 2014.

Dalal is passionately committed to promoting wellness, harmonious and balanced living, and a back‐to‐the‐roots philosophy in order to help others reach greater mind clarity and inspirational living.




Kaline started her yoga practice 8 years ago after a dance injury prompting her to practice yoga as an alternative form of exercise. Her yoga practice became her inspiration to a personal transformation leading her to resign from her HR career to pursue her passion in Yoga. In 2014, she became a certified Vinyasa Teacher and 2 years later she obtained her Yin Yoga certification. This year she has completed an advanced Yin Teacher training in NYC and has also become a certified Therapeutic Yoga teacher, which incorporated different styles of yoga, breath work, meditation, anatomy, Ayurveda and Chinese medicine. She is constantly developing her practice and deepening her understanding in the teachings of Yoga enabling her to share this knowledge and experience with her students. Kaline is also a Reiki II practitioner, awakening the intuitive energy that helps her connect with every living being around her.



Began her journey into yoga over 20 years ago out of her mother’s passion about yoga. Student & teacher of Iyengar & Satyananda yoga traditions, she’s been giving classes for over a decade, running her own yoga studio, organizing yoga retreats and workshops locally & internationally. By combining the Eastern philosophies of yoga and meditation with our very active Western lifestyle, and through her own personal experiences, she can relate to students, lovingly sharing with them and giving them the teachings of yoga, while seeing them harvest the transforming effects on their bodies and minds. Lina is the only Iyengar teacher in Lebanon.