RIMA is the source of inspiration for the brand, and the backbone of YOGA SOUK. She has been nominated amongst the “100 most influential yoga teachers in America in 2016”. She is a student of Sharon Gannon & David Life, and is an Advanced Certified Jivamukti teacher! Her rich cultural and global upbringing between Beirut, Paris and New York allows her to uniquely relate and connect with students all over the world, and to translate the spiritual world in the most accessible & approachable way. Rima is responsible for the teaching program at YOGA SOUK. Currently based in NYC, she has over 10 years of teaching experience, leads the annual Jivamukti Teacher Training, and actively participates in the apprenticeship program where she has mentored 20 teachers at the school’s hub in Union Square. www.soukofrima.com



Photo by Marco Pinarelli


SARAH is a global nomad, and a psychologist. In 2003 she founded Skoun, an NGO for the treatment and prevention of drug addiction in Lebanon. She then ventured in business, living in Paris and New York. She kept a regular yoga practice wherever she lived. It was only a matter of time after she had relocated to Beirut that she found the need for a space such as YOGA SOUK to exist. Her entrepreneurial spirit and contagious good vibe are the driving force behind the brand.



Photo by Marco Pinarelli


TINA is a happy and satisfied mother of two girls, with a committed yoga practice. She is always seeking to improve herself and go beyond her fears and limitations. She studied Political Sciences and International Relations in Paris, and works as a voluntary for Caritas helping underprivileged families in Beirut. Her ability to balance her devotion for her family, work and practice is what makes her a true ambassador for the practice, and the pretty face of the brand.